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Chayil Beauty & Co. LLC was designed to serve women who strive to do better, be better and become empowered. Women juggle multiple hats they must wear at all times. This can lead their own self-care and success to take a back seat. We are not going to let that happen anymore, are we? How can you be too busy for yourself? I’m talking to YOU Mommies and working gals!

My name is Jaynee  I launched this business to give women their power and sexy back. We CAN have it all—brains, success and beauty. Focusing on our own self-worth and boosting our confidence is what makes us the superwomen we are. Without properly taking care of ourselves and our own mental health, we cannot take care of the others who depend on us. Chayil Beauty & Co. is here to help you be the best you by showing your best face!

I have been in the beauty industry a long time—so I know a thing or two. Before getting married, I was a single mom, working a full-time job, attending full-time school AND constantly on the go. I never had time to pop on some lashes or fill my eyebrows… Sound familiar? It was just me and my lip balm Monday-Friday.

Ladies, you are a best friend, mother, worker, caretaker, wife, sister, magician, the list goes on and on! Just because you hold all of these titles does not mean you have to put YOU on hold to fulfill those roles. You. Come. First.

When I decided to relaunch my successful cosmetic beauty line, I just knew I had to reach more women who needed me. What is the one thing we do when we are feeling down… We dress UP! My company provides affordable, luscious, life-changing makeup that will take your beauty routine and regimen to the next level. It’s time to LEVEL UP, ladies!

When we have our makeup done, we are on top of the world. In the digital age of endless selfies and photographic evidence of everything, you must always be camera-ready and on point. This makeup line was designed with YOU in mind. Gone are the days of needing a filter to show our beauty—this line brings out both your inner beauty and what you were naturally given. It’s all about the ‘gram, baby!

This is why Chayil Beauty & Co. was born. I want to provide you with the essential makeup tools to amp up your confidence to conquer your goals and blaze a path for other women to follow. You don’t need to hire a makeup artist to look your best—you ARE the makeup artist! Your canvas is perfect as it—you just need top-of-the-line tools…and that’s what Chayil Beauty & Co. brings.

Chayil Beauty & Co. will provide you with a gorgeous makeup starter kit filled with top pro influencer cosmetics to help you achieve any makeup look. Whether you are going for a night on the town with the girls or just want to step up your married and Mommy-game, Chayil & Co. provides the items to properly beat your face and win the makeup fight. Let me and my cosmetics help reflect your outward beauty by first focusing on bringing out the inner.

You are the definition of a strong woman. You are a sexy, amazing, smart, intelligent woman whose desires, emotions, hopes, dreams and goals can come to fruition. All you have to do is take that first step and decide, “This is MY time.” Now put that self-care FIRST by staying fit, stylish and fly. Chayil Beauty & Co. is your one-way ticket to Bringing Sexy Back.



Chayil Beauty & Company LLC was born with the intent to empower women through makeup. In my opinion, every woman strives to be a woman of valor, wise, virtuous, a woman of wealth, determination, strength, power, bravery, courage, warrior, and entrepreneurship. Every woman also loves enhancing their outer beauty, even if it takes wearing some lipgloss and lashes or a full face of makeup. Chayil Beauty & Company LLC will empower women and keep them on the road of self-love and self-care and provide them with the makeup tools needed to intensify their outer beauty.


Did you know?
A Chayil woman has a backbone—the strength of character, will, and determination; spirit—energy with determination and assertiveness; and guts— personal courage with tough character, true grit—courage with resolve. She is a woman with spunk—a force of personality with determination and nerve. This is a true Chayil woman. And these are the characteristics women need today.

What is a Woman of Valor?
The Hebrew word for the woman of "noble" character, cited in Proverbs 31, is "Chayil," and it means to do valiantly, with the power, strength, wealth, and resources of an army.


Hebrew Translation
The woman of valor is Eshet Chayil. Chayil means power, resources, army, and effectiveness.
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